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Our Company

The realldocs team is dedicated to producing the best possible documents. Our cards are created to exacting standards, with holograms and OVD laminations included. We create a lot of documents for independent professionals, students, and organisations all across the world. We also help small and large businesses with their documentation needs. We have a sophisticated production facility with state-of-the-art high-definition PVC card printers that are ready to suit your requirements. Whether it’s a single card or a corporate order, our expert graphic designers can create extremely innovative custom work.

We concentrated on what we do best: producing the highest-quality ID cards, driver’s licences, passports, and counterfeit money. We are now one of the largest single-unit document makers in the world, and we continue to generate many of the same high-quality documents that we did when we were Duplicate Card Systems.

We also pay attention to the reseller. Our distribution is market-driven, with local professionals, small to medium-sized businesses, and educational institutions of various sizes receiving our products. We offer large discounts for multiple card orders.

We feel our team is the best in the industry, with the most brilliant graphic designers with years of expertise who can collaborate with you to create a really unique and original design. So, whatever your ID/passport requirements are, we can assist you.

We have a vast supply of false documents for a variety of nations, and we can also give bespoke alteration of any document you require; simply contact us using the form above. We can supply both PDF and Photoshop versions of the document, allowing you to own and alter it as many times as you like, as well as print it out indefinitely.