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Before guiding you from where to Buy US Passport Online or US Passport For Sale , let me acknowledge you all with its information and features.

Who wouldn’t want to own an American passport with pride? People from all over the world want to live in this sophisticated economy as citizens. This nation is a place of dreams due of its abundant opportunities and high standard of living. On the other hand, the US government is known for its convoluted bureaucratic standards. Whether you are an immigrant with legal status or not, they will make you work for your money. We sell fake American passports if you’re looking for a quick cure, so don’t worry. They are just as realistic as the genuine thing because to features like raised printing, holographic stripes, color-shifting inks, and integrated chips. There is no fee for ordering a fake USA passport from us.

US Passport For Sale

Citizenship laws are strictly enforced in the United States, and the requirements are more higher for foreign nationals. Before submitting a passport application, you must first substantiate your citizenship. In order to do this, qualifying documents provided by the government are required. The application fee you pay is not refundable whether your application is accepted or rejected. We at 2nd License can help you escape these demands and do the work from the comfort of your home. You only need to submit the necessary data and a passport-size photo. Our staff will reproduce an original copy using a registered passport number.


According to the Guide Passport Ranking Index, the American passport now holds the sixth-place position. 188 nations are accessible without a visa thanks to it. This gives it an extremely high mobility score, making it one of the most sought-after passports worldwide. Visa-free and visa-on-arrival entry to nations including Brazil, Japan, Peru, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, Canada, and the whole European Union is available to holders of American passports, enabling practically immediate travel around the world. However, roughly 41 countries throughout the world, including Iran, China, and Russia, do need a visa for bearers of American passports.

Passport Ranking for the United States of America

The number of nations that permit holders of United States passports to enter without a visa (i.e., visa-free countries) and those that permit holders of United States passports to enter by obtaining a visa on arrival (i.e., visa-on-arrival countries) or an electronic travel authorization is added up to determine the ranking of the United States passport in relation to other international passports (eTA). There are presently 6 eTA destinations, 42 countries that accept American passports without a visa, and 140 countries that accept American passports with no visa requirement.

Passport holders from the United States are permitted entry into 188 countries either without a visa, with a visa on arrival, or through an electronic travel authorization (eTA). The conclusion is that the American passport comes in at number six worldwide.

There are 41 additional places where holders of American passports need either a physical visa or an eVisa to enter, aside from these visa-free and visa-on-arrival nations for citizens of the United States.

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